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" Instead of being the derivative, id much rather be the secant so i can touch u not only once, but twice Boy: Girl, whats your number? Boy: "Oh I must have forgotten the letters U R A Q T" Do You Like Nintendo? If I hired 1,000 artists and made them work for 100 years they still wouldn't be able to paint a picture that is as beautiful as you. You getting into those tight pants or me getting you out of them? "Give me 30 minutes over lunch, and i will win your heart, as you have already won mine." Hey beautiful, they call me Jolly Rancher cause I stay hard for a long time! "My boys over there bet that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the room. " "Look you little Juicy Fruit, don't be a Zero, be a Lifesaver. (make her look) Would you like a gin and platonic or a Scotch and sofa?

") "Oh sorry my parents just told me to follow my dreams." Boy: "Hi, is your name Google? ) Boy: "Because you have everything I'm looking for! Hello, I'm Preston." Yawning Girl Pick Up Lines "I'm tired too. " How come i know the hundreds of digits of Pi, but not the 7 digits of your phone number? "Girl, I don't know if you're beautiful or not, I haven't got past your eyes!

The prevalence of any mental health problem varied between 31–35% and any suicide attempt between 20–31%.

Only 29–45% had revealed their sexual orientation to their GP and of these, approximately 50% had experienced a positive reaction.

We’ve been involved into live cams for over a decade now, in more ways than one.But, 'quickie' has U & I together." "When a penguin finds its mate they stay together for the rest of their lives.

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