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’ Which raised a few eyebrows as newsreader Sean Fletcher asked: ‘You said “we” – is there something you should be telling us?

’ Cue much laughter as the embarrassed host admitted: ‘I really shouldn’t have said that out loud.’ Still, everybody seemed to see the funny side, including Laura who simply quipped: ‘I don’t remember,’ in response to Sean – who laughed: ‘That’s even worse!

"Soon, we won't have any of those objects anymore--no books, no photo albums, no records, tapes, even CD's--which were pretty soulless and awful--but now I feel nostalgic even about them. When they were first seen, they seemed daring, a look in the modern-day mirror, but as decades pass, they oftentimes become dated, turning into little more than time capsules.

There'll be nothing to hold on to, put on a shelf. We'll all live in empty white rooms, save for a couple of shiny silver rectangles that will hold our whole lives... Is there a better snapshot of the 1890's than Toulouse-Lautrec's which actually seemed dated during its first Broadway run in 1996 (and is why the movie is set in 1989), is now incredibly dated, even though it's still a favorite of Gen-Xers and Millennials who oddly look at it nostalgically even with its pre-Y2K forced hipness and AIDS-focused storyline.

Once I understood that, I set to learning how to make what was on the screen in front of me as interesting as possible.

I have always had to put pen to paper to figure stuff out, but I suppose it's not until I started blogging ten years ago and making a public habit of it that I began to understand that ah, no, not everyone processes information this way.

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But when a car crash pushes her into the path of a handsome stranger she's glad to follow his snowy, sexy and seductive path. And will she make it to the wedding before her best friend loses her mind with worry?Because if you want to know what it's like to live in this world in the 2010's, then SEX WITH STRANGERS, currently playing at American Stage, is the show to watch.If you're reading this review on your i Phone, if while scrolling this you are interrupted by text messages and alerts, if you can't have a conversation without checking that phone at least once, then you are experiencing first hand Laura Eason's solidly entertaining play.Fortunately Jamie sprints back to Alan's in time to have appeared with Emily all day.

Keith meanwhile gets a job on a gay sex chat-line,where he does surprisingly well.

‘Laura’s dressed for Wimbledon today, look at you in your summer outfit and lovely bump,’ Ben began.

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