Speed dating thesaurus

06-Aug-2017 11:05

Dopamine is released in the brain naturally when people eat, drink and have sex.

1 Dopamine is released into the synaptic space in between the pre and postsynaptic neurons. Speed’s goal (Speed doesn’t really have a goal it merely exists, but this is the reason people use it) is to trigger a buildup of Dopamine.

The amphetamine then expels the dopamine out into the synaptic space.

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Behold implies gazing at or looking intently upon what is seen: "My heart leaps up when I behold / A rainbow in the sky" (William Wordsworth).

Yesterday saw the publication of the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary.

This two-volume work is a monumental feat of scholarship, the fruit of more than 40 years' labour.

, behold, note, notice, remark, espy, descry, observe, contemplate, survey, view, perceive, discern These verbs refer to being or becoming visually or mentally aware of something.

See, the most general, can mean merely to use the faculty of sight but more often implies recognition, understanding, or appreciation: "If I have seen further (than ...

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