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09-Nov-2017 10:51

"I needed to get in an environment that had a lot of people of color and more culture," she said.

Having met her partner after moving, she encourages her single friends to go outside of Wilmington.

He tells us: "If I could tell someone how to deal with dating a co-worker I'd say don't do it, because it's hard."Especially if you've been fighting all day and then you have to work together, then go home together." But now the world is getting a look into their love life, Cory admits things are on the up."It's working out to my benefit," he tells us, "because he's seeing how he acts on TV through another person's eyes, so he's kind of getting better."Everyone has doubts about how real reality television is, but Cory says: "Honestly, there is nothing scripted."When you put liqueur in a room, things are gonna happen." The aspiring actor jumped at the chance to appear on the show and is one of 11 cast members, despite him telling us: "There's like over 200 people employed and I don't even know half of them, it's crazy."He adds: "I thought the show would be good exposure because I want to get into acting."A lot of people say that reality shuts the door to acting.

I feel like it actually opens the door because it gives you more opportunity and contact with the right people." With a long list of celebrity clientele, he's definitely right, but working behind the bar means he doesn't often get the chance to meet the high profile guests.

But for those who have no idea yet on how to spend the day? Here are a few tips to impress and, at the same time, express one’s love even better on the day of hearts.

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"Go to a club meeting, join a club, church, organization, that's how you meet more guys," Williams said. "The single scene in Wilmington interesting because the population and the makeup here," she said.You can’t move forward if you’re constantly looking back, and you can’t torture yourself agonizing over something that’s lost.On this trip I also lost my backpack with all of my clothing and my laptop in it. that you can replace once you just LET IT GO, and LIVE YOUR LIFE. This is going back to cryptic-yet-intriguing text message band boy.Go parasailing in Mactan, or better yet take her out for a day of friendly competition like some kart racing in Mabolo or in SM Seaside City.

Take the plunge If this is a first date, it might be difficult to suggest swimming as the first activity.

Starting this Sunday in the UK, the show follows the iconic West Hollywood club The Abbey.